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PK Movie Review (#BoycottPK vs #ISupportPK)

December 25, 2014

#BoycottPK vs #ISupportPK

Which one?

To start with, let me give my personal view on the movie per se, keeping aside the controversy.

If I see at the content of the movie then I am sorry to say that the similar stuff was covered in the movie (‘Oh My God’) so there was nothing new for me. The message of both the movies is the same and should be hailed even though this movie carries with it quite a bit of controversies which I will cover later on in this blog.

Now let us move to the screenplay. There are few instances that make absolute zero sense; the most remarkable of them was the bomb blast. I mean was it just to end the role of Sanjay Dutt in the movie? Other than this, there is Sushant Rajput’s character who hails from Pakistan. Where on earth does this make sense? Was this for ‘Aman ki aasha’? I have no clue. It could have been a Muslim guy from India or since the movie basically targeted Hindu rituals, it would have been apt if the guy was to be someone belonging to a lower caste. But the context of Pakistan is out of my understanding. In fact the whole Belgium part could have been avoided without impacting the message this movie delivers but then inserting a story of a guy from Pakistan seeks a neutral country, isn’t it? I have few more to say about the screenplay but that would be later on.

Next is the Acting. The acting is almost flawless by Amir Khan and Sushant Rajput. Kudos to both! Anushka Sharma is good but not great. Sanjay dutt too did a fine job, all in all good acting.

Then comes the song and particularly the song ‘Bhagwan kahan hai re tu’ to me is the BEST part of the entire movie!! Other songs are also worth listening and the good thing about them is that they fit perfectly with the script. No nonsense here!

So, now that the formality is done let me get to the core issue!

What this movie brings to the fore is the blind faith of millions of people and Hindus in particular, on so called self proclaimed ‘babas’ and the movie also asks a pertinent question on whether it is the God who creates us or is it us who create the God?

Speaking of ‘babas’, it is no hidden fact that there are tons of so called ‘babas’ who in the name of God and religion fool millions of people. It is common sense that eating a ‘samosa’ and sharing couple of ‘gulab jamuns’ with your neighbor will never cure your disease or find a job for you. Similarly manufacturing gold out of nowhere just violates the simple law of physics. I had always wondered how can a person be so blind and so dumb to not see and realize what goes on these ‘dhongi babas’ darbaars. Only thing that I can think of the reason behind such a mass following of these kinds of ‘babas’ is nothing but hope or perhaps false hope. So what is the solution?

Definitely the media can help bring the truth and in fact it does but the problem is that with such a large population you will always find people subscribing to things that would not make sense to others. Just like the statutory warning on cigarette packs might not be enough to stop smokers from smoking. We can play our part by educating the poor and ignorant people but can’t pull the cigarette out of their mouth. To be frank what these ‘babas’ do is nothing but fills the demand for the most after sought thing in this world and that is ‘hope’.  They do business just like any other business that we have in this materialistic world.

Now having being said all those, I know that there are many ‘babas’ who do social work, they do build hospitals, schools, shelters etc and for that you have to give it to them even at the behest of fooling people. Now there are also other kinds of ‘babas’ that I know would never claim to be the god or even ask you to follow any rituals. Their goal would be to just answer your problems with whatever knowledge they might have gained and I with cent percent confidence can tell that they do it for betterment of people but the irony is that these ‘babas’ usually don’t appear on TVs or even make news! I would wish to call them Gurus or Spiritual leaders and they can even be your teacher, a mentor or your parents. The main purpose of a Guru was never to get your work done but to find an answer to your question, to guide you to the correct path, to enlighten you. Whoever in the name of God, claims of getting work done for you is doing a business by selling the god’s name. Good for them, not for you!

Moving on (arnab’s style)

There is this statement made in the movie – “Jo darta hai wo Mandir jata hai”. So is this even controversial?

Whoever thinks it is not has to be labeled pseudo secular! It is outrageous and resentful against people who do go to Mandirs. The controversy could have been easily been avoided by saying ‘Jo darta hai wo bhagwaan ke darbaar jata hai’, this would have gelled well with the message of the movie but I am really sorry to say that this is not the case. Had the word Mandir been replaced by Masjid, Church or Gurudwara I can only imagine the response that it would have evoked.

To conclude, I am happy to see so many people loving this movie coz this shows that either they themselves or their loved ones were into some kind of dhongi babas and have decided to come out of it. For me the issue was covered in the movie ‘Oh my God’ and therefore there wasn’t anything new in the movie. PK is ‘Oh My God’ with some controversies probably to rake in some money and popularity. Not to mention the weak script it has. The whole Belgium thing, the train blast, the issue of building Mandir (I had no clue where that came from in the movie), Anushka’s dad whistling towards the end to prove Amir’s prophecy right as if he was a God. Talking about the role of Anushka’s dad, it makes me laugh that he realized the conman in the ‘baba’ only after it was proved that the Sushant was not a traitor. I wonder what would have happened if Anushka would not have received the letter in the first place, wouldn’t that have proved the ‘baba’ wrong, I haven’t seen any ‘baba’ predicting future with such a confidence by putting his business at stake. They would never do that, they are clever enough to make predictions that are difficult to verify or are ambiguous in nature.

Now I have a question to the readers those have seen the movie. Honestly tell me, how many of you thought that it could be the ‘baba’ who aided in the bomb blast. If majority of you got the same feeling after watching that scene then the movie itself dials a wrong number by making you think in that direction coz this was definitely not the case. Also the problem with the movie is that unlike ‘Oh My God’ the makers of the movie claim that they have covered all the religion and their common issues, which is a blatant lie as the movie focuses basically on Hindu rituals which is understandable as the majority of its viewers would be Hindus. I have problem only with the claim made by the makers of this movie which could have been an honest one. There are also a lot of people demanding movie makers to produce movies by targeting other religions and their practices or teachings which I think is preposterous. Those who are willing to correct their society are the ones who welcome criticism.

I welcome PK sans hypocrisy and better screenplay. Therefore #okokPK

Last but not the least; a prostitute would always know the meaning of ‘condom’!


Maths of Religion and God

March 6, 2011

The Maths of Religion and God:

Guys, this one is quite serious and controversial topic to write on. But I am just writing this coz I feel very strong about this particular topic. This one is about Religion and God.

There are two things here, Religion and God. I don’t believe in Religion per se but definitely I believe in God and I don’t have any clue about the nature of God. Shape, size, structure, height, width, volume, perimeter, color code….I just don’t have any structure in my mind when I think of God. God might just be randomness in this universe; I guess my thinking just can not comprehend an Image of god. But when I think of him (I am biased to call him and not her :)), I just give him a nice smiling face kind of structure, just for the sake of it. Similar to what we used to do in Mathematics, let the variable be ‘x’. Just to solve the equation. The only difference is barring the exam time, I would always find the value of ‘x’ but here I don’t have such luck. ‘x’ remains ‘x’ for ‘x’ amount of time, may be after some ‘x’ number of years we would solve this mystery.

Coming to Religion, all religions preach good things in life. For me I would love to listen what all religion has to say about life and what does it preach. I have in fact read quite a number of articles on various religions and there are indeed tons of good things to follow. But do we really need religion to be good in life and if that is the case almost everybody on this planet would be a good person and there would not be any conflicts. But this clearly is not the case and thus the other thing that is very clear is that when it comes to interpreting the sayings of a religious book, it is free for all. For me religious books are good books but not 100% perfect and we can surely have a huge debate on this. Who knows how much truth is there in all these books, history is always a mystery.

What I believe is that all the Gods in all the religions are just a medium to reach out to THE GOD, the ‘x’. So whenever I see some representation for these Gods in any form, it definitely doesn’t stop me from thinking of THE ‘x’ that I believe in. I just think that religions where originally made to keep people in a group, to enjoy and celebrate events together, have unity and work with like minded people, in short to give a name to their relationship, their existence and their bonding. Only problem was that none of the religion ever took into the consideration that there could be other groups and religions somewhere else. And this is not their problems coz they were perhaps not aware of it, and now that we are aware, we should definitely stop being selfish and act together, work and live together without having grudge about other’s religion or sentiments.

Also, I just don’t find a single reason of what bad could happen if we didn’t have any religion at all, but humanity, trust, faith, sympathy, care and most importantly Love. Having religions not only creates animosity but also they are the root of numerous wars and killing in the past and probably would be in the future too. In my view most of the bad people that I have seen are also the most pious and religious although the reverse is not true. The whole concept of my Religion or God is greater than yours just make me go crazy. How could someone say that! How could one Religion be superior to other, this could well be the most non-sensical and most selfish thing possible. This thing is as trivial as say taking a variable ‘x’ or ‘y’ for that matter ‘f’ for solving an equation. If you are good with your Maths, you will definitely reach to a common answer irrespective of variable chosen or the steps followed. Also I really don’t think that God is here to solve all the problems in our lives else there wouldn’t be any suffering in the world. Everybody would be happy (what a sad life would that be). But God definitely can help you if you are strong enough to help yourselves, he (I am still biased) can definitely lighten your task and that is what I always wish from him, a helping hand.

To end this crisp post, I don’t always have to go to the religious place to feel the presence of God. A setting Sun, gorgeous Moon, pouring rain, thunders and light, an act of help, someone’s smile, snowy mountain, flowing stream, innocence of a kid, love of a Mother, tears of loved ones for you, a beautiful movie, a strangers hand, soothing Music, and many more reminds me of God each day and every time. Guess what; going to some religious place is just one of the options too.

PS: All these are my personal views and thus I have refrained from using “we”. By no means I disrespect any religion or others sentiments, coz for me it really doesn’t matter, everything is ‘x’.

The most difficult questions to answer – part2

June 6, 2010

I assume that you have read the part1 of this two part series of “questions that are most difficult to answer”.

Without wasting any time let me start with my 6th question:

What is good and what is bad or evil? What is moral? What is ethical? Who decides good and bad, right and wrong; and by what standard? Is there an absolute standard of good and bad beyond one’s the personal opinions? Should good and bad be determined by custom, by rational law, or by the situation? What if the decisions of others (society, authorities, laws, etc) determining good and bad are contrary to one’s personal beliefs or freedoms? ¯should you obey others or follow your own conscience? Moreover, if as an answer to FIVE, we do not have free will but are ruled by outside factors, what difference does good and bad make? ¯we have no choice. If so, we have no responsibility for doing bad.

I will make it this way. Any work\action of yours if doesn’t hurt anyone including you, then you should go ahead with your work\action. So whenever in doubt we can wait for a second and ask a simple question weather this would hurt anyone. Having said that the army personals for an example should not think this way while fighting a war on the border, he should be thinking what will happen if I let this guy go away 🙂

I think we should judge a person not by how many good qualities he\she has but by number of bad qualities, lesser the bad qualities better the person. It might be difficult to inculcate good behaviours but it is very difficult to let go the bad ones. I would rather stick to moving 2 steps forward and going 1 backward (India’s Progress) than moving two steps forward and three steps backward (Pakistan). Best option would be just moving one step forward, or just half step forward for that matter and not going back. Similarly, someone who thrashes you and then gives you a chocolate to console is definitely not better than someone who just gives you a smile. Having said, a person with absolute no good or bad qualities is also not desirable, as one of my friend had said, this would be more of a Robot than a human.

Note: This logic doesn’t apply to a situation when you act as a student. Like in the case of a strict teacher, parents, elders etc. This is the time when you learn. A parent who scolds you for your mistake is definitely better than one who just ignores all your mistakes. So here all the qualities of the parent who scolds his children on mistakes are considered good. An immature mind is bound to make mistakes, so our guardian’s work is to make them understand and show the correct path.

I don’t think religion makes us more ethical and moral in behaviour. It is us who does it. By the time we are 22-24yrs I think it is enough for us to judge what is wrong and what is not. This should come from commonsense and little bit of experience and for those who doesn’t like using their senses or wishes to have a guide book in hand can fall back to religious teaching, which I believe would provide the same sense and knowledge that you should have acquired by now. By the way, in my life the most crooked people I have seen are the most religious ones although the reverse in not true.

What if the decisions of others (society, authorities, laws etc) are not in sink with the decisions of ours? This can be possible, but then if you think you are right, you should raise voice and try to convince others, that is the max you can do. In a democracy you can definitely choose your candidate who thinks on similar lines as yours.
Why are things the way they are? How should things be ideally? What is the good life —for the individual and for the many (society)? What would a Utopian society, a heaven on earth, be like? Is it even possible to create a Utopia? If so, how? Would not a Utopia assure personal freedom? What, then, should you do with those who don’t cooperate and violate the Utopian system? If you control or punish them, is there no longer a Utopia?

Things are like the way they are because of the way we manage those things.  An ideal life in my view would be a time where there is no ego, no false pride, no envy, no hypocrisy, no violence, complete peace of mind, perfect balance between human and nature and above all, each individual be treated equally. This is why I believe those who are rich should help the poor in overcoming the life’s hurdles. Sponsoring a school, research institute, higher education, hospitals etc can be thought as the contributions that the rich could make.

Recently I read an article where they mentioned how in the name of religion people in the Arab countries were asked to contribute money for their brothers but then the money was being diverted to fund the TALIBAN. The entire infrastructure for arms and ammunitions are funded by rich individuals, who are threat to humanity. This is not limited to Taliban but is present everywhere, be it LTTE (ex), MAOISTS, etc. Really, it hurts to know that when there are people dying of poverty, others are funding money for radicalization of this world.

A utopian society would be one where all the differences are levelled out. Tolerance for other’s feelings is the greatest leveller and forcing your principals over others is the biggest crime.

What is the ideal relation between the individual and the state? Should the individual serve the state or the state serve the individual? What is the best form of government and what is the worst? When is a man justified in disobeying the dictates of the state? To what extent should the majority rule and thereby act against the freedom of the minorities? When is a man justified in rebelling against the established order and creating a new state? What are the relative merits of the different economic systems (capitalism, communism, etc.).

As M.K.Gandhi has said “Be the change you wish to see in this world”. So changing ourselves would mean changing the state. Now it is up to us if we need to change it for the good or bad. Undoubtedly the best form of government is the democratic form, especially when your people belong to various religions, ethnicity, castes etc.

As far as rebelling against the established order goes, I would like to quote a sentence from the movie “Swades” – “Jo Sadiyon se chali aa rahi hai, wo zaroori nahi hai ki sahi ho”.

For rest of the answers, Google would do great :).
He who controls education controls the future. What is education? How should the young be educated—what is important and what not? Who should control education: the parents, the student, the society or the state? Should a student be taught to think for himself or to adopt the beliefs of the society? Should man be educated to be free and live for his own interests; or to subjugate his desires to serve others or the state? ¯see Question EIGHT.

Education is the single most medium which can bring all of us to a common platform. I believe in having a common education system for all of us so that each one of us is equally competitive. The stress should be laid more on wisdom rather on knowledge. The syllabus for the education system should be decided by people best in their respective fields. Each one of us should be trained to think by themselves rather following the society blindly. Ultimately it is people like us who make or break rules of society. The day we stop thinking would be the day we stop growing. I have personally felt that the problem with today’s education system is that, by the time you know what your strengths and interests are it is already bit late and you are already running a rat race, competing with thousands of other similar people. People should be encouraged to venture into unexplored or little known fields.

Man should be educated to be free and independent. He should be on his own, and then only can he think of giving to society what the society has given him.

Today the most radical people on this earth are those who are either completely illiterate or those who are educated (sans wisdom) but haven’t seen any struggle in life, everything to them has come the easy way.

What happens at death? Is death the end of everything or is there a soul in man that continues to exist beyond death? If so, is that soul immortal or does it too eventually cease to exist? If the soul does continue to exist after death, what is the nature of that existence? If there is an existence after death, is “good” rewarded and “bad” punished? If so, how do you reconcile this with the concept of predestination? And if there is a God of INFINITE LOVE and FORGIVENESS, how to you reconcile punishment?

This is again a tricky one with lots of possible answers, so I would state what I feel the ideal answer is and thus making the answer little bit biased :). I think life is like an exam and depending on the answers we give during this course we are directed to particular set of questions, and then to other set and so on and I would like to believe that after death we all are presented with our final marks that we have scored and along with that the correct solution for all the questions we have answered or left blank!! And may be we are ultimately presented with the answers of all the mysteries in the universe, after which our souls are dissolved in the particle that we call GOD. Rather than punishment or reward, hell or heaven, it would be Realization!! It would feel like heaven when you realize that most of the time you have been taking the right course and similarly it would be hell if you come to know that most of the time you have been doing wrong in your life. There is no point punishing or rewarding a soul, which could actually happen in your lifetime itself but the realization can not.

Happy reading….and get life, cheers!!!

Most difficult questions to answer – Part1

May 30, 2010

This is the PART-1 of the two part series which I am posting.

I have always wondered about things like the, Birth of Universe, Presence of God, The planets, Countless Stars, Religions etc and I know that answering these questions is the most difficult part for any of us mortals. Even if some one comes up with an answer, it is bound to be controversial and not all would subscribe to.

Before starting let me iterate that these are the most difficult questions to answer. I got these series of questions from “”. I have put my perspective to each of the questions below and hope to gather others perspective too. These questions are of type such that you can not apply logic, you cannot search in Google, and neither could you find the solution in any of the books. There might be as many perspectives as the number of people on this planet, but for that you need to think deep, a bit.

Let us commence.

What is the nature of the universe? Where does it come from? Of what is it made? How did it come to exist? What is its purpose? By what process does it change? Is it evolving or devolving? Does it function by itself or would it degenerate to chaos without some kind of intelligent control?

Universe is like irrational numbers, you never know the exact value of it, and if you try to find it, you will be lost in its intense pattern.

It doesn’t come from anywhere, because whatever possible “where” are “there” in the universe.

It is made of null, God perhaps forgot to do the “null check” 🙂

Actually the existence of universe is “the most” difficult single question to answer. And I bet I can argue with any one who wishes to answer it. I may not be able to prove myself right but I can prove them wrong, bring it on :). If you say it comes from something, then where does that “something” comes from and if you say it was already there then go take a tea break.

Purpose might be to act as a container. Like the contents of web pages on the web are all contained inside the <HTML> tag. So the universe might be like the <HTML> tag and everything else its content.

Does it change!!! If we go by Big Bang theory it is still expanding, but my question is if it is expanding then where is it stretching its boundary to. Consider a balloon, when we blow air inside, it expands because it has space to expand; maximum it can expand is the volume of the universe because it is contained inside the universe. If universe is expanding then it too needs to be inside something. So does it mean the universe doesn’t has any boundary, POSSIBLE.

God knows. Btw where is God? Inside the universe or outside the universe?

The functionality I believe depends on the activities of its content. It is like; does your behaviour control you age or your age control your behaviour?

Is there a Supreme Being? If so, what is His nature? Did He create the universe? Does He continue to control it personally and if so, at what level? What is his relationship with man? Does he intervene in the affairs of man? Is this Being good? If this Being is good and all-powerful, how can evil exist?

I thing yes! And he\she is above the Gods described in the religions of ours. The so called God might be a medium to experience the ultimate bliss, peace, fulfil our purpose in this universe etc.

It might be something that we haven’t comprehended till now. Something which is beyond our imaginations. It is hard to believe that the God has a human kind of structure.

Don’t know, doesn’t seems possible. Universe I think has left things in motion and seeks feedback from each atom inside it for deciding the next step. So instead of God, I believe it is we who decided the movement of events. He just fulfils our wish by processing our request depending on our action.

I think man has been bestowed with the responsibility of balancing the flora and fauna on this planet along with bringing each human on this planet to share the same platform and bring equality among all. Just like we have delegates and events in various programming languages, I believe man has been delegated the work to manage the planet better. All his events are ultimately notified to the feedback loop that takes decision for its next event. Today’s world runs on the Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, but it is responsibility of fit people to lead the way for the unfit ones and make them what they are rather than leaving them behind to rot.

As said earlier the good and bad depends on the feedback loop, if we are able to manage the planet well the good feedback would trigger a positive event and likewise.

What is the place of man in the universe? Is man the highest fruit of the universe or is he just an insignificant speck in infinite space—or something in between? Does the spirit of man descend into matter from higher spiritual realms, or has it evolved from matter? Is the universe conscious or unconscious of man? If it is aware, is it warm and friendly to him, or cold and indifferent, or even hostile?

Can not say about the place in the Universe, but definitely man holds the highest place on the earth. He is like the CEO of the earth and responsible for anything that happens here.

When we take the universe into account and define the stature of man, the word insignificant looks insignificant.

I do think that the universe is conscious of man and tries its best to be conscious of each individual.

Depends on our action, the feedback loop decides whether it is warm, friendly, hostile etc.

What is reality? What is mind; what is thought? Is thought real? Which is superior: mind or matter? Has mind created matter or has matter evolved mind? Where do ideas come from? Does thought have any importance–does it make any difference in our lives–or is it just fantasy? What is Truth? Is there a universal Truth, true for all men forever, or is Truth relative or individual?

Duniya kya hai – Maya hai J. I believe reality is something that we can not envision so have to content with what we see.

Mind is like Universe where thoughts are like Humans.

If humans are real, thought too are real.

Mind doesn’t have boundaries, so can not compare it. Can you put a limit to what you can imagine?

Analogy explained in previous questions.

Truth is something that sends positive feedback to the loop and helps create positive events.

What determines the fate of each individual? Is man a creator and mover of his life, or does he live at the effect of forces over which he has little control? Does free will exist or are our lives determined by outside factors—and if so, what are those factors? How does life work: is there a Supreme Force that intervenes in our lives? Or is everything pre-determined from the beginning of time? Or is life just random, full of coincidence and accident? Or is there some other control mechanism we do not perceive?

Life indeed has some randomness in it. Some leads to positive outcomes, others to negative ones. But having said that we can not control these random events, as said for all the things, universe too is not perfect.

Controlling things to a very large extent is in our hands. It is like you go for the interview for a job, you might get selected in few of the companies and few other wont select you even if you were better than others depending on the mood, panellists, questions etc. After that say you get offer from 3 companies, you would finally be selecting one of them by considering all the pros and cons. So here you have controlled the outcome for over 95% of the events, but you not getting selected for some of the companies might be those 5% that you can not control. I believe for most of us if we think positively we realize that we have got what is best for us.

PS: I believe that at least 95% – 99% of things if not more are under out control. Our action decides the outcomes and our thought are as important as our actions. When it comes to the functioning of God I believe, depending on our actions and thought we are given choices to follow while considering other’s actions too. It is like when I request a page say “”, I am clear about my objective that is to get to the Google page. So my request then gets routed through various routes depending on the web traffic but ultimately I will reach the “Google” server. Choice that we have with us is to either use a 64kbps connection or 2Mbps connection, an ADSL or a Broadband etc :).

PART-2 arriving soon and “soon” is relative :).

Hope to get your perspectives on this post.