Fourth pillar of our democracy – Be strong and prudent

Having following politics for so many years I have to admit that the Media often tends to be biased and in a big way impacts the perception of a person or a party toward the general public. I would like to point out few instances that I have recently experienced:

  1. Modi’s 10Lacs Suit: I have personally seen on the twitter the price of Modi’s suit shoot from mere expensive, to 5 Lacs and then 10 Lacs. FACT is that no one knows the actual cost and still everyone is made to believe it is 10 lacs or so. The important thing is not even the cost but the FACT that no one really knows if that was bought or was perhaps gifted by someone. Being at such a high position, gifts are very common and any person who holds a high position will concur to this FACT. Now here is a link which no one would ever tell you to read but again it is a FACT –

Tomorrow if it indeed turns out that the suit was actually a gift, then would media bite their words and apologize?

  1. I saw few of my Christian friends on facebook looked really aghast at the recent vandalism of few churches in Delhi and I totally understand their feeling. Now the FACT is that no one actually knows who the culprits were but again everyone is made to believe that they belong to BJP. It hurts me to see that all educated people when it comes to religion become blind, not limited to any religion but spans across all. I in fact not only stand against any kind of vandalism of religious places but also demand that the culprits should be nabbed and given harsh punishment for instigating hatred. But for god sake do not assume things and point finger at a party without any proof or FACT.

If you go by common sense it is actually other parties who benefit from these kinds of acts since BJP doesn’t have much vote bank with minorities. This reminds me of Kavin Spacey of ‘The Usual Suspect’ where suspects are usually not the usual ones. Also vandalism is not a new thing and has been happening for last many decades against all the religious institutions! I would also like to state that people like ‘Sadhvi’ and ‘Sakshi maharaj’ do more bad than good to the party and should be confronted and reprimanded for uttering nonsense.

  1. Then there are really some impatient bumpkins who say that they don’t see any change or improvement: I would suggest them to read newspapers especially economic time\financial express so that they can get some sense of economics and how it works. We have erased our targeted fiscal deficit which gives us much leeway to allocate more money in the coming budget, inflation has tanked, GDP is on a move, ‘make in India’ campaign might not have rocketed but has definitely started on a good note. On the ground, be it swatch bharat, pradhan mantry jan dhan yojna, PF scheme, adopting a village, Beti bachao – beti padhao, mann ki baat, inclusion of much neglected NE states etc are the foundations on which we need to move on. I don’t want to comment on the international diplomacy and our defense enforcement as many would not understand or make much sense of it but we are definitely doing great on that front too.

PS: I am not opposed to media criticizing or supporting a party, as this is the norm across the globe. I just want them to be more prudent and fact based.


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