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PK Movie Review (#BoycottPK vs #ISupportPK)

December 25, 2014

#BoycottPK vs #ISupportPK

Which one?

To start with, let me give my personal view on the movie per se, keeping aside the controversy.

If I see at the content of the movie then I am sorry to say that the similar stuff was covered in the movie (‘Oh My God’) so there was nothing new for me. The message of both the movies is the same and should be hailed even though this movie carries with it quite a bit of controversies which I will cover later on in this blog.

Now let us move to the screenplay. There are few instances that make absolute zero sense; the most remarkable of them was the bomb blast. I mean was it just to end the role of Sanjay Dutt in the movie? Other than this, there is Sushant Rajput’s character who hails from Pakistan. Where on earth does this make sense? Was this for ‘Aman ki aasha’? I have no clue. It could have been a Muslim guy from India or since the movie basically targeted Hindu rituals, it would have been apt if the guy was to be someone belonging to a lower caste. But the context of Pakistan is out of my understanding. In fact the whole Belgium part could have been avoided without impacting the message this movie delivers but then inserting a story of a guy from Pakistan seeks a neutral country, isn’t it? I have few more to say about the screenplay but that would be later on.

Next is the Acting. The acting is almost flawless by Amir Khan and Sushant Rajput. Kudos to both! Anushka Sharma is good but not great. Sanjay dutt too did a fine job, all in all good acting.

Then comes the song and particularly the song ‘Bhagwan kahan hai re tu’ to me is the BEST part of the entire movie!! Other songs are also worth listening and the good thing about them is that they fit perfectly with the script. No nonsense here!

So, now that the formality is done let me get to the core issue!

What this movie brings to the fore is the blind faith of millions of people and Hindus in particular, on so called self proclaimed ‘babas’ and the movie also asks a pertinent question on whether it is the God who creates us or is it us who create the God?

Speaking of ‘babas’, it is no hidden fact that there are tons of so called ‘babas’ who in the name of God and religion fool millions of people. It is common sense that eating a ‘samosa’ and sharing couple of ‘gulab jamuns’ with your neighbor will never cure your disease or find a job for you. Similarly manufacturing gold out of nowhere just violates the simple law of physics. I had always wondered how can a person be so blind and so dumb to not see and realize what goes on these ‘dhongi babas’ darbaars. Only thing that I can think of the reason behind such a mass following of these kinds of ‘babas’ is nothing but hope or perhaps false hope. So what is the solution?

Definitely the media can help bring the truth and in fact it does but the problem is that with such a large population you will always find people subscribing to things that would not make sense to others. Just like the statutory warning on cigarette packs might not be enough to stop smokers from smoking. We can play our part by educating the poor and ignorant people but can’t pull the cigarette out of their mouth. To be frank what these ‘babas’ do is nothing but fills the demand for the most after sought thing in this world and that is ‘hope’. ¬†They do business just like any other business that we have in this materialistic world.

Now having being said all those, I know that there are many ‘babas’ who do social work, they do build hospitals, schools, shelters etc and for that you have to give it to them even at the behest of fooling people. Now there are also other kinds of ‘babas’ that I know would never claim to be the god or even ask you to follow any rituals. Their goal would be to just answer your problems with whatever knowledge they might have gained and I with cent percent confidence can tell that they do it for betterment of people but the irony is that these ‘babas’ usually don’t appear on TVs or even make news! I would wish to call them Gurus or Spiritual leaders and they can even be your teacher, a mentor or your parents. The main purpose of a Guru was never to get your work done but to find an answer to your question, to guide you to the correct path, to enlighten you. Whoever in the name of God, claims of getting work done for you is doing a business by selling the god’s name. Good for them, not for you!

Moving on (arnab’s style)

There is this statement made in the movie – “Jo darta hai wo Mandir jata hai”. So is this even controversial?

Whoever thinks it is not has to be labeled pseudo secular! It is outrageous and resentful against people who do go to Mandirs. The controversy could have been easily been avoided by saying ‘Jo darta hai wo bhagwaan ke darbaar jata hai’, this would have gelled well with the message of the movie but I am really sorry to say that this is not the case. Had the word Mandir been replaced by Masjid, Church or Gurudwara I can only imagine the response that it would have evoked.

To conclude, I am happy to see so many people loving this movie coz this shows that either they themselves or their loved ones were into some kind of dhongi babas and have decided to come out of it. For me the issue was covered in the movie ‘Oh my God’ and therefore there wasn’t anything new in the movie. PK is ‘Oh My God’ with some controversies probably to rake in some money and popularity. Not to mention the weak script it has. The whole Belgium thing, the train blast, the issue of building Mandir (I had no clue where that came from in the movie), Anushka’s dad whistling towards the end to prove Amir’s prophecy right as if he was a God. Talking about the role of Anushka’s dad, it makes me laugh that he realized the conman in the ‘baba’ only after it was proved that the Sushant was not a traitor. I wonder what would have happened if Anushka would not have received the letter in the first place, wouldn’t that have proved the ‘baba’ wrong, I haven’t seen any ‘baba’ predicting future with such a confidence by putting his business at stake. They would never do that, they are clever enough to make predictions that are difficult to verify or are ambiguous in nature.

Now I have a question to the readers those have seen the movie. Honestly tell me, how many of you thought that it could be the ‘baba’ who aided in the bomb blast. If majority of you got the same feeling after watching that scene then the movie itself dials a wrong number by making you think in that direction coz this was definitely not the case. Also the problem with the movie is that unlike ‘Oh My God’ the makers of the movie claim that they have covered all the religion and their common issues, which is a blatant lie as the movie focuses basically on Hindu rituals which is understandable as the majority of its viewers would be Hindus. I have problem only with the claim made by the makers of this movie which could have been an honest one. There are also a lot of people demanding movie makers to produce movies by targeting other religions and their practices or teachings which I think is preposterous. Those who are willing to correct their society are the ones who welcome criticism.

I welcome PK sans hypocrisy and better screenplay. Therefore #okokPK

Last but not the least; a prostitute would always know the meaning of ‘condom’!