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Maths of Religion and God

March 6, 2011

The Maths of Religion and God:

Guys, this one is quite serious and controversial topic to write on. But I am just writing this coz I feel very strong about this particular topic. This one is about Religion and God.

There are two things here, Religion and God. I don’t believe in Religion per se but definitely I believe in God and I don’t have any clue about the nature of God. Shape, size, structure, height, width, volume, perimeter, color code….I just don’t have any structure in my mind when I think of God. God might just be randomness in this universe; I guess my thinking just can not comprehend an Image of god. But when I think of him (I am biased to call him and not her :)), I just give him a nice smiling face kind of structure, just for the sake of it. Similar to what we used to do in Mathematics, let the variable be ‘x’. Just to solve the equation. The only difference is barring the exam time, I would always find the value of ‘x’ but here I don’t have such luck. ‘x’ remains ‘x’ for ‘x’ amount of time, may be after some ‘x’ number of years we would solve this mystery.

Coming to Religion, all religions preach good things in life. For me I would love to listen what all religion has to say about life and what does it preach. I have in fact read quite a number of articles on various religions and there are indeed tons of good things to follow. But do we really need religion to be good in life and if that is the case almost everybody on this planet would be a good person and there would not be any conflicts. But this clearly is not the case and thus the other thing that is very clear is that when it comes to interpreting the sayings of a religious book, it is free for all. For me religious books are good books but not 100% perfect and we can surely have a huge debate on this. Who knows how much truth is there in all these books, history is always a mystery.

What I believe is that all the Gods in all the religions are just a medium to reach out to THE GOD, the ‘x’. So whenever I see some representation for these Gods in any form, it definitely doesn’t stop me from thinking of THE ‘x’ that I believe in. I just think that religions where originally made to keep people in a group, to enjoy and celebrate events together, have unity and work with like minded people, in short to give a name to their relationship, their existence and their bonding. Only problem was that none of the religion ever took into the consideration that there could be other groups and religions somewhere else. And this is not their problems coz they were perhaps not aware of it, and now that we are aware, we should definitely stop being selfish and act together, work and live together without having grudge about other’s religion or sentiments.

Also, I just don’t find a single reason of what bad could happen if we didn’t have any religion at all, but humanity, trust, faith, sympathy, care and most importantly Love. Having religions not only creates animosity but also they are the root of numerous wars and killing in the past and probably would be in the future too. In my view most of the bad people that I have seen are also the most pious and religious although the reverse is not true. The whole concept of my Religion or God is greater than yours just make me go crazy. How could someone say that! How could one Religion be superior to other, this could well be the most non-sensical and most selfish thing possible. This thing is as trivial as say taking a variable ‘x’ or ‘y’ for that matter ‘f’ for solving an equation. If you are good with your Maths, you will definitely reach to a common answer irrespective of variable chosen or the steps followed. Also I really don’t think that God is here to solve all the problems in our lives else there wouldn’t be any suffering in the world. Everybody would be happy (what a sad life would that be). But God definitely can help you if you are strong enough to help yourselves, he (I am still biased) can definitely lighten your task and that is what I always wish from him, a helping hand.

To end this crisp post, I don’t always have to go to the religious place to feel the presence of God. A setting Sun, gorgeous Moon, pouring rain, thunders and light, an act of help, someone’s smile, snowy mountain, flowing stream, innocence of a kid, love of a Mother, tears of loved ones for you, a beautiful movie, a strangers hand, soothing Music, and many more reminds me of God each day and every time. Guess what; going to some religious place is just one of the options too.

PS: All these are my personal views and thus I have refrained from using “we”. By no means I disrespect any religion or others sentiments, coz for me it really doesn’t matter, everything is ‘x’.