ShortHand for a Long Trip

Second Trip to NYC:

3:00 PM – Had Maggi – My Friend Gibin’s Car – Dropped at Hamilton Station – 3:37 PM – Train to NYC – 4:53PM – reached NYC – walked till Bryant’s Park 42nd street – Watched people Skating – Friends Vinay and Hardik came – Entered the Park – Put on the Skates – Landed on the pond – tried real hard to Skate freely – failed – still did lot better than last time – friends were doing good – fell 4-5 times in between – stood up every time to fall again – but now at least confident of waking on the ice if not skate – tired of skating – moved out of the park – headed for station – had nice dinner @penn station – took the subway train to Queens at friend’s place – met their friends – had chat – watched the Ind-SA one run win Highlights – went to bed – very nice sleep – got up at 8:15AM – everybody else sleeping – did my routine – tried my best to get Vinay up – but in vain – checked my mails – spoke to Vinay about the visits for that day – replied in sleep – others got up – Vinay too got up snapping last 2 days sleep at one go – ate “farsan”, “chikki”, etc – 12:30 PM went for lunch – at subway – had a foot long – bid adieu to Vinay – he swiped for me, his card – entered the station – caught the train – got down at Penn station – three other friends Neha, Tejaswini and Gibin were at NYV too – were at Empire state building – went till the empire state – had coffee near it @ Star Bucks – went ahead – caught a street show – friends met there – took snaps and video – went to the pizza hut – they had lunch – I was full – then decided to go to the central park – took the subway – walked a bit – reached central park – the south entrance – amazing feeling – looked so bright coz of the snow cover – saw frozen lake – went to the zoo – zoo was closed – came back –  decided to go to the Madame Tussauds next – took a cab – reached times square – the evening looked so full of lights – walked couple of blocks – reached Madame Tussauds – statues by statues went to each wax models – took numerous snaps – joked – laughed – experienced a flop haunting show – watched a 15mins 4-D show – came out of the building – spend few minutes at times square – headed towards the MoMA – walked a LOT – reached MoMA – it was closed – walked a bit – saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church – went inside – beautiful and mesmerizing it was – took few snaps – took some rest – came out of the church – went to the Rockerfeller  center – to the top of the rock – took few snaps – came down – wanted to go to the Bryant’s Park – but instead took cab for Penn station – everybody were exhausted – must have walked 10 miles the entire day – took ticked for Hamilton – paid through card – forgot to collect ticket – ran back – took the ticket – caught the train – reached Hamilton at 10:10PM – came back to home – had dinner – to a deep sleep and sweet dreams :).


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