Strange Coincidences:

Coincidence #1

Twice have I tried giving the prestigious and much touted CAT exam, but very strangely there were couple of incidents which when I look back seems so freaky.

So for the first time when I was gonna write CAT was in the year 2009. Now when the CAT dates were out for that year, we were supposed to go to few selected Axis bank branches to get the vouchers. The nearest branch to my place was the Borivali’s Branch. So I took my bike and went there, stood in the queue which wasn’t as big as I expected to be. But when I was half way in the queue, I heard the security shouting on top of his voice, “ye kiska bike hai”, I was wondering “hoga koi poor fellow” only to realize, hey! It could be mine too. I ran towards the exit only to find a traffic police and a towing van and few shabby guys who looked more like the local goons. Those goons were towing my bike, my lovely ‘flying-rani’. I quickly went to the police inspector and told him that it was my bike. I had parked the bike off the road (although on the pavement). But there were other bikes too, and God knows why only my bike got picked.

I told the ‘hawaldar’ that I didn’t know that it was no parking zone and I had gone inside for just couple of minutes to get a form. The Hawaldar didn’t say anything but asked for my license. I obliged and then he told me to pick up the license from the traffic police office near the National Park. I apologized for my mistake and but he didn’t listen. In the end I had to do what he wanted me to do. I took out “sau ki patti”, I was really sad that I didn’t had “50 ki patti” and wanted to bargain with him but then let it go. He slyly put it inside his pocket and told me to collect the receipt from the National Park, I wanted to just give him a nice lecture but then I let this go too. My bike was again with me. On asking where to park my bike now, he told me to either park it on the opposite side or to the street just next to the bank. I parked it in the street, it was a deserted street in terms of people and stuff but there were few bikes already parked. I should have seen this before, but anyway I went back to the bank and got my form and rushed back to my bike just in case I don’t have to witness double whammy.

Luckily my bike was still resting; I hopped on and took my keys….keys!!! Where the hell is the keys, it was not in my pocket, OMG I had lost it somewhere, double whammy definitely. I traced back the route, looking down to the road if I had dropped it inadvertently but couldn’t find it. Then I went to the bank again, and thanked God coz the security man was holding my keys and asking people in the queue if it was theirs. I barged in and thanked the watchman and went back to my home.

Now I have already written a blog about how I missed my first “billi” I mean the CAT exam. Yes I did miss the CAT exam as I reached late for it and thus was not allowed to enter in. The details are mentioned in one of the post of this blog so I am not going into it all over again…or shall I :).

A year passed. It was 2010. Again the CAT announcements were out in the papers. This time I was bit serious about the exam, even had enrolled for mock tests. So again I had to go to the axis bank to get the voucher. I took my “flying rani” straight to Marve road and then a left to link road…bang! reached Borivali. This actually makes the bank as X-Axis bank, had I taken a right turn it would be Y-Axis bank. For those who are still wondering what I am talking about, guys this is a PJ, please oblige me and laugh:).

So on reaching the bank I was very mindful of not parking my bike at no parking zone (this zone I am so very sure that the traffic police make at their own whim). So I went bit ahead and parked it into the street where few other bikes were parked (same street I had to park after my bike got towed a year before). I went to the bank, again not as big a queue as I expected it to be. Got the voucher in 10 minutes or so, and headed towards home. But hang on a second…what the &*^@, where is my “flying rani”, I jut couldn’t believe my eyes that my Bike was towed again. This time I was so very furious coz I had parked it at the right place this time. I didn’t had any clue what to do, last time the towing van (vehicle eater) was standing by the bank so I could get my bike on the spot but his time the street was deserted. I waited for a minute wondering what should I be doing, and then bang…saw the towing van coming from the other end of the street. I waved to the vehicle and it stopped. I saw my poor “flying rani” being stuffed between few other bikes. I told the traffic police that it was my bike and also told him that I had parked it at the right place. The traffic police with a growling voice asked for my license and told me that my bike wasn’t parked at the right place coz it was not within some 20 odd feet from the turn that leads to the main road, it was against the rules. I was just looking at him and wondering what the shit is he speaking:) Which all laws do I have to know now, and does this law even exists and above all I am sure that my bike was well over 20 feet away from the turn. I even told him that it was parked way away from that turn; he didn’t agree and said that if that is the case I should get my bike from national park. Shit man! I again thought why only my bike, reached out to my wallet, again regretted not having a Rs 50 note, so got 100 ka note and handed over and asked for the receipt. He said for receipt I have to pay 200. I was just looking at him with anger, he turned away, handed me my license and the towing van went ahead to eat more vehicles. My bike was left behind by the goons, I took the bike, hopped on and then the last thing was still waiting to happen!!! My keys GOD…where are my keys, I searched my pocket, it was missing….I went straight to the bank, this time the watchman too didn’t had anything for me, I traced back my path to the bike looking down to the road but didn’t find my keys. Something clicked and I reached out to my bag that I had put over my shoulder, and there it was….probably sub consciously I had kept my keys in the bag just to be safe.

BTW in the 5 years I have ridden my bike, my bike had got towed only on three occasions (if I recollect them all), two of them are already mentioned in this post (which makes this even more strange) and the third one too happened in Borivali but not near the X-Axis bank :). It was the very first incident of my bike getting towed and in this case I had to go to National Park to fetch it back.

Couple of months after this incident one more thing happened before I could give my CAT exams. I got onsite opportunity in somewhat unusual and unexpected manner and came to onsite therefore missed my CAT again:), isn’t it a coincident or should I say series of coincidences!!!


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