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Most difficult questions to answer – Part1

May 30, 2010

This is the PART-1 of the two part series which I am posting.

I have always wondered about things like the, Birth of Universe, Presence of God, The planets, Countless Stars, Religions etc and I know that answering these questions is the most difficult part for any of us mortals. Even if some one comes up with an answer, it is bound to be controversial and not all would subscribe to.

Before starting let me iterate that these are the most difficult questions to answer. I got these series of questions from “”. I have put my perspective to each of the questions below and hope to gather others perspective too. These questions are of type such that you can not apply logic, you cannot search in Google, and neither could you find the solution in any of the books. There might be as many perspectives as the number of people on this planet, but for that you need to think deep, a bit.

Let us commence.

What is the nature of the universe? Where does it come from? Of what is it made? How did it come to exist? What is its purpose? By what process does it change? Is it evolving or devolving? Does it function by itself or would it degenerate to chaos without some kind of intelligent control?

Universe is like irrational numbers, you never know the exact value of it, and if you try to find it, you will be lost in its intense pattern.

It doesn’t come from anywhere, because whatever possible “where” are “there” in the universe.

It is made of null, God perhaps forgot to do the “null check” 🙂

Actually the existence of universe is “the most” difficult single question to answer. And I bet I can argue with any one who wishes to answer it. I may not be able to prove myself right but I can prove them wrong, bring it on :). If you say it comes from something, then where does that “something” comes from and if you say it was already there then go take a tea break.

Purpose might be to act as a container. Like the contents of web pages on the web are all contained inside the <HTML> tag. So the universe might be like the <HTML> tag and everything else its content.

Does it change!!! If we go by Big Bang theory it is still expanding, but my question is if it is expanding then where is it stretching its boundary to. Consider a balloon, when we blow air inside, it expands because it has space to expand; maximum it can expand is the volume of the universe because it is contained inside the universe. If universe is expanding then it too needs to be inside something. So does it mean the universe doesn’t has any boundary, POSSIBLE.

God knows. Btw where is God? Inside the universe or outside the universe?

The functionality I believe depends on the activities of its content. It is like; does your behaviour control you age or your age control your behaviour?

Is there a Supreme Being? If so, what is His nature? Did He create the universe? Does He continue to control it personally and if so, at what level? What is his relationship with man? Does he intervene in the affairs of man? Is this Being good? If this Being is good and all-powerful, how can evil exist?

I thing yes! And he\she is above the Gods described in the religions of ours. The so called God might be a medium to experience the ultimate bliss, peace, fulfil our purpose in this universe etc.

It might be something that we haven’t comprehended till now. Something which is beyond our imaginations. It is hard to believe that the God has a human kind of structure.

Don’t know, doesn’t seems possible. Universe I think has left things in motion and seeks feedback from each atom inside it for deciding the next step. So instead of God, I believe it is we who decided the movement of events. He just fulfils our wish by processing our request depending on our action.

I think man has been bestowed with the responsibility of balancing the flora and fauna on this planet along with bringing each human on this planet to share the same platform and bring equality among all. Just like we have delegates and events in various programming languages, I believe man has been delegated the work to manage the planet better. All his events are ultimately notified to the feedback loop that takes decision for its next event. Today’s world runs on the Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, but it is responsibility of fit people to lead the way for the unfit ones and make them what they are rather than leaving them behind to rot.

As said earlier the good and bad depends on the feedback loop, if we are able to manage the planet well the good feedback would trigger a positive event and likewise.

What is the place of man in the universe? Is man the highest fruit of the universe or is he just an insignificant speck in infinite space—or something in between? Does the spirit of man descend into matter from higher spiritual realms, or has it evolved from matter? Is the universe conscious or unconscious of man? If it is aware, is it warm and friendly to him, or cold and indifferent, or even hostile?

Can not say about the place in the Universe, but definitely man holds the highest place on the earth. He is like the CEO of the earth and responsible for anything that happens here.

When we take the universe into account and define the stature of man, the word insignificant looks insignificant.

I do think that the universe is conscious of man and tries its best to be conscious of each individual.

Depends on our action, the feedback loop decides whether it is warm, friendly, hostile etc.

What is reality? What is mind; what is thought? Is thought real? Which is superior: mind or matter? Has mind created matter or has matter evolved mind? Where do ideas come from? Does thought have any importance–does it make any difference in our lives–or is it just fantasy? What is Truth? Is there a universal Truth, true for all men forever, or is Truth relative or individual?

Duniya kya hai – Maya hai J. I believe reality is something that we can not envision so have to content with what we see.

Mind is like Universe where thoughts are like Humans.

If humans are real, thought too are real.

Mind doesn’t have boundaries, so can not compare it. Can you put a limit to what you can imagine?

Analogy explained in previous questions.

Truth is something that sends positive feedback to the loop and helps create positive events.

What determines the fate of each individual? Is man a creator and mover of his life, or does he live at the effect of forces over which he has little control? Does free will exist or are our lives determined by outside factors—and if so, what are those factors? How does life work: is there a Supreme Force that intervenes in our lives? Or is everything pre-determined from the beginning of time? Or is life just random, full of coincidence and accident? Or is there some other control mechanism we do not perceive?

Life indeed has some randomness in it. Some leads to positive outcomes, others to negative ones. But having said that we can not control these random events, as said for all the things, universe too is not perfect.

Controlling things to a very large extent is in our hands. It is like you go for the interview for a job, you might get selected in few of the companies and few other wont select you even if you were better than others depending on the mood, panellists, questions etc. After that say you get offer from 3 companies, you would finally be selecting one of them by considering all the pros and cons. So here you have controlled the outcome for over 95% of the events, but you not getting selected for some of the companies might be those 5% that you can not control. I believe for most of us if we think positively we realize that we have got what is best for us.

PS: I believe that at least 95% – 99% of things if not more are under out control. Our action decides the outcomes and our thought are as important as our actions. When it comes to the functioning of God I believe, depending on our actions and thought we are given choices to follow while considering other’s actions too. It is like when I request a page say “”, I am clear about my objective that is to get to the Google page. So my request then gets routed through various routes depending on the web traffic but ultimately I will reach the “Google” server. Choice that we have with us is to either use a 64kbps connection or 2Mbps connection, an ADSL or a Broadband etc :).

PART-2 arriving soon and “soon” is relative :).

Hope to get your perspectives on this post.


Time does it all!!

May 3, 2010

Time does it all!!

What is the importance of time in our lives? We hardly realize the changes that time brings in our usual thinking, if it is joy it fades gradually and again if its sorrow it does the same (time is really impartial). But don’t you think that, this very property of time makes us brittle in a sense that few unscrupulous people take it as an advantage for their use in a negative way. They just want us to forget!!

Let us begin our mini time journey:

After each and every blast that had jostled various cities of our country we have heard from the officials that they are very close to the perpetrators and would soon bring them to justice. The last one was in Pune’s German bakery where the inspector in charge was so confident that it seemed as if he already has nabbed the devil who is hiding behind him and it is just matter of some auspicious day when the devil will be revealed to the world. Few days past, things got back to normal and the police is still waiting for that auspicious day. We forget. No problems, it is in our genes.

Before that it was the case with 26\11, no one now cares about Kasab anymore, there would not be much reaction from the public if he is hanged tomorrow, because time has abated the hatred and anger, rather it is being forced upon us. What would hurt us more is the news we get to see in the papers about the amount of money being spent everyday to keep him alive.

Do we remember the series of bombs (around 20 or so) found at various places in Gujarat about a year or two back (look even I forgot the exact time). Those bombs which looked more like diapers than the lethal stuff. Some of them were found over the bonnet of cars, some caught on the roads taking sunbath and few hanging from the trees (may be a case of bombs committing suicide. Could be a perfect inclusive! report for India TV, “bomb ki aatmakatha. majboor hai wo bhi suicide karne ko”) . Would we ever come to know the real reason behind those orphan bombs?

If that is too hard to recollect then let us jump forward to the incident that happened outside the Chinnaswami stadium in Banglore (IPL semis). Who were the culprits? Last that I heard was that it was deed of someone involved in betting, which I think could be the true reason!
But if that is the case then it is shame on the country’s police force and the security. I don’t have to explain why!

Now let us jump back and forth in time (butterfly effect or is it Memento).
Sanjay Dutt!! Here you must be wondering how on earth he came in to the picture. Well this is because as far as my knowledge is concerned he is still on an INTERIM bail, the reason cited was the he report docs were not available at that point of time (definitely this is the work of our postal system :)). All knowledgeable people reading this please correct me if I am wrong coz all these stuffs I am saying is best to my knowledge so has a good chance of faltering, LOLZZ.

If you still have a doubt on our mental agility, then I have a question for you, is Modi still the chairman of IPL committee and what happened to the broil between BCCI and Modi? Though the answer might come in a later stage, I still think if one big gun goes off from this ditch of the cricket it will drag others too alongside. So in most probable case things might settle down unless Modi thinks otherwise and puts his ego before everything else.

Do I still remember about Madhu Koda?

Is someone still due in the “chara” ghotala?

There was some rumour about the Taj Corridor, what was that yaar!!!

2G or 3G who cares? Generations’ might change “neeyat” would not. Humming “Raja ko Rani se pyaar ho gaya…”.

Where is Ramalingam Raju these days, might be living under inhuman conditions I suppose!!!

Did someone teach me addition: Indian Airlines + Air India = Poor Fellow

Amernath land row, can someone tell me who is in the control of that Land now????

They were talking about some fake encounter in Delhi few months back, a police got martyred. Too hazy for me, what was that!!!

Does CRPF stand for “Central Reserve Pity Force”?

Is Amar Singh busy writing a book??

What was that uproar before the release of MNIK?

Why is BT Brinjal banned in India? May be coz “B” that stands for “bacterium” gives us disgusting feeling on hearing the name!

When was the last time when the Met department did NOT forecast of “normal rains”?

When was the last time the US did not make use of the word “Imminent” while declaring “threats”, I mean alerting us! 🙂

Something happened before the “sohaina” marriage, some lady dropped in the middle. Did something similar had happened while Abhishek Bacchan!! was getting married….too weak a memory 

Which is the first private school to reserve seats for poor\underprivileged kids?

Has Ganguly retired from international cricket…I think he is the epitome of hope :).

What has happened to an unknown trawler found off the coast of Arabian sea near Gujrat? Any news sir ji!

Hey people, who was “Ruchika”, and who was that unknown guy with a pencil knife in hand attacking tainted “khacchar” I mean “officher”. How often we see people missing targets, hmm.

Leave that, but hey I thought at least women don’t forget things easily. All ladies out there, where is women’s bill, rajya sabha se lok sabha jane tak puncture ho gaya hoga (in the Delhi’s heat)!!

Green day…Plastics were supposed to be banned from March or Apr (don’t exactly remember) in Mumbai, they forgot to specify the year I suppose.

Mr. Raj Thakaray has got dozens of cases registered against him across the country, so are those papers\files being sold in “raddi!!”
Just getting a funny feeling right now, if all the files and papers related to pending cases in our Judicial System are sold in “raddi”, I think our GDP could grow by another 0.5%. Subbarao, PC, Montek Uncle are you all listening!! I just produced a master-stroke.

I am still confused if BJP is with Shibu Soren or is it vice versa. Only thing that is confirmed is that they are together.

BJP in its election campaign last year had declared that most of the Black Money generated in our country goes to the famous Swiss bank. May be they have now compromised with the other parties and politicians. They would not commit the same mistake that Modi (IPL wala Modi) did!!

Who were behind Godhra? Two committees and two different results, anyways both the committee members, are millionaires by now.

Who were behind the stone pelting incidents in Kashmir? I believe they were the police personals who don’t get enough bullets to practice, so started making stones as their tools in case of a terrorist attacks, what more, you might have a bullet proof jacket but who provides you the stone proof jacket, isn’t it!!

Pragya thakur!! I definitely have heard of this name.

Asharam Bapu, “bache” hain kya…I mean are “kids” their!!!

So many human right violations in the NE States, so many atrocious rules, and so many blasts on a regular basis, can the government give me a date after which I would stop following these incidents and would make my mind believe that NE stands for NEGLECTED states.

BTW What is the capital of Mizoram!!!!!!

Do remember.

“Time might forget itself and name it as History,
Hope that History is not forgotten”.

Now you can afford to forget 🙂

Happy reading….