The inside story – Maoists

I have been hearing about menace of the Maoists for last 4-5 years (since I started following NEWS sincerely). Be it terrorists or Maoists the only thing that puzzles me and only question I wanted to ask the intellectuals is that how do these beasts get the Money and Resource to accomplish their devilish work. I always believe that those who supply arms or sponsor these activities are as much responsible for the life of the innocents as those who actually commit it (Sanjay Dutt is still a villain in my eyes).

The bitter truth and the answer to my puzzle came to me when I was in a conversation with few of my relatives and close ones who had come from my native, Bihar, after a vacation. We all know that Bihar is one of the states which are badly infested with the naxal violence. So here is couple of anecdotes that had happened and that is prevalent at large.

One of my cousins close friend (his dad in fact) has a business in Jharkhand, a hugely popular textile business. They are making a killing from this business. But all is not well the way business is run. He had a brother few years back. Yes! He had one but not any more. His brother was brutally murdered by the Maoists. It so happened that the Maoists came to know that these people are making a good amount in the business so they abducted his brother and demanded a sum of 1crore 15 lakhs (can not fathom the amount), the family could only manage 60lacs. The result was that the Maoist took away the amount of 60lacs and in return sent the lifeless body of the kid. Yes! Their demand was not met. Since then this guy has never been to that place ever and his family has transferred to other state. Now they occasionally go their just to keep the account of their business. Worst part is that Maoists are still earning a healthy 10lacs per year from the business, that’s a contract now with the industries. Needless to say that police were hopeless and did nothing in the matter, rather could not do anything.

The other instance is from Bihar. What I heard from my relatives was just appalling. All those with good business be it in sugarcane factories, transport, cement business or any business which earns you good money, are under pressure from the Maoists of paying a yearly subscription of 2 lacs per year after paying a token amount of 50k Rs initially. These entire medium-big business people are getting letters at their doorstep with the details of contracts. The poor fellow (poor means helpless) don’t have any option but to agree with the contract or run away to some safer destinations. They just can not risk any of their family members.

The worst part is that the influence of Maoists is spreading its wings to a larger area in Bihar and other states; this is in stark contrast with the claims made by the government.

I have already burnt quite an amount of blood by thinking over these incidences and thinking of the future that might confront us. So have nothing to comment on these issues. Hope peace prevails in the end.

Keep praying…if you can not act!

PS:  These monsters might play in the guise of helping poor by hurting the rich….helping poor is what I agree, getting rich is your own choice…why not these people come  in open and demand for the equality in a democratic way….solving the inequality is been endowed to the government not to the self claimed Robin Hoods, and choosing the government is in our hands….having said this, I do believe that their is huge gap between the poor and rich in this country and it is widening day by day….we need to become more sensitive towards the need of the poor and government should make sure that the basic requirements are met at the ground level….hope some day we all find peace within….

7 Responses to “The inside story – Maoists”

  1. Sooji Says:

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    Keep ahead

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  3. Gouthaman Karunakaran Says:

    You are right about maoists. Nice read. Keep Blogging.

  4. Christopher Says:

    Well I would say we must first blast the supporters of these guys including arundhati roy, medha patkar and whoever else supports them. If they feel they are backward, why don’t they revive themselves with the 300crores they earn annually by illegal means.

  5. Saba Says:

    Totally agree with you. Nothing absolutely nothing justifies violence and killing of innocents. Its not just in Bihar, but the situation in the whole country or rather world is quite bad. In some form or other we can see people justifying killing of innocents. Hope someday better sense will prevail and we have a peaceful world to live in.
    PS: It feels good to read some sensible piece of writing when the only thing thats making news nowadays is that crap Sania-Shoib drama.

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