A Query!!

Recently one of my friend asked me a very thought provoking question. The question was, “why do the girls have to always look good and why is it not as much important for the guys?” Indeed a thought provoking one!!

There were gust of thoughts to this query, so I thought to jot it down, will be forwarding it to my friend and will put the internet in CC. This is going to be an interactive one so please be alert and most importantly THINK!!!

A note before commencing, these are solely my views and therefore bound to be incorrect, illogical, asinine etc. Read at your own discretion.

Here we go:
1.    Let me ask you all one question, first to all the girls reading this, how would you feel when you and your hubby\BF is walking into a Mall with your guy’s arm nicely curled around you, and you leaning a bit on his broad shoulder (I assume that your relatives are missing from the scene, if you are not married yet)?
Now for the guys, same condition but in place of hubby\BF consider wife\GF and yes relatives are still missing:-).

Definitely I would get more affirmative nods for the first case; this is because one necessary need for any girl is SECURITY. It is in the nature, in their genes that females don’t feel as secure as their male counterparts, many might disagree but it is still a fact. Before moving ahead one thing I want to clarify is that as the world is zooming ahead and women getting more and more independent (Women reservation bill would come handy…hopefully), things are changing and for the better, but still it will need many decades for that particular gene of theirs to wane out completely.
By default men are physically stronger than women, and this is true for entire animal planet. For this very reason female in the animal kingdom usually mate with the strongest male in the group (can not guarantee about their extra marital affairs :-)).

I thing this much is enough to put my first point forward that women like to feel secure and they feel secure mostly when a man accompanies her (not 100% true, I accept). Gist of first point: Female when kid – Father\Mother, Female when teenager – Father\Brother, Female when adult – BF\Husband; Male when kid – Father\Mother, Male when teenager – I am the KING, Male when adult – I am still the KING.

2.    I have heard from many of my female colleagues that they don’t look at a man’s wallet before falling in love, they look at their nature. This might be true but when it comes to marriage or for serious relationship I can not DISAGREE more (not all women though). When I say this I don’t mean that women are materialistic, but in comparison to men I do think they have an upper hand here (no arguments please, I WIN), and yes FINANCIAL strength of a man play another important (not THE important) role for a women to decide on long term relation. So why is this so?
The reason is not very different from my first point, SECURITY. In today’s world money means security, more money implicitly means more security and that is what women want in long run. So a man doesn’t need to be “brad pitt” by looks but might need as much money as him. This is the reason why guys are more ambitious, they want to make money and believe me that money is not for him but for you gals :-). Before proceeding let me again clarify that it might not hold true for most of the women\men but may be for higher percentage of mass and I am talking taking into account the entire globe and not just India.

3.    Yet another reason why women do all those makeups and men don’t is seeking ATTENTION. Again by default men are outgoing, more extroverts, flirts etc etc. (have to accept that things are reversing at a quick pace). Women would always want to be approached rather she approaching a guy. So what will make her do that, yup GORGEOUS looks. Walk beside your targeted guy with your best fitting attire, favorite perfume put on, making your dead cells (hair style, nails) speak the seducing words for you etc. Hopefully your targeted guy will be floored and you get your fish. Only because unlike guys, girls normally don’t directly go to a guy and complements him on his appearance, physique, intelligence etc, so naturally they have to have another way of saying “hey dude, I like you, now come, follow me”. On a more serious note they have to impress the guy’s parents, relatives etc and have to look good looks for that.
When a couple gets married, most of the people who come to attend the reception speak about the bride and her appearance, not as much for the groom. If the groom is not that handsome, they might just shrug it off and say, “acha kamata haga”. Girls definitely don’t have this luck. SAD SAD SAD!!!

Funniest part is even when the groom is not handsome at all, our mommy “log” find him cute, adorable, and ideal, but the bride need to be dead gorgeous to get a good comment from them (definitely they think they all were “madhubala” or “meena kumari” in their age).

4.    One more reason is the competition! If she can look that good, then why can not me? All kaya clinics, Batra, lakme, ponds etc thrive on this very nature of women. On the other hand men don’t have this feeling of competition as far as the looks are concerned (fair and handsome definitely didn’t took off). Again as I said he can be a hulk, handsome, intelligent, jolly, funny, cute or all of them.

5.    Last reason which I think most of the girls would subscribe to is, “we try to look good only for ourselves and no one else” and I totally disagree with this because I know it is not the case (no arguments please, I WIN). They just love being complimented.

You are beautiful!!! Thank God that he created you 🙂

PS: I wrote this article just because I wanted to write something in response to that query. Most of the point stand void for many women\men but what I have expressed is what I feel might be the common thing (at least 33% true)….and as always few people are just not common they are exceptional like me :-).

Happy reading…

17 Responses to “A Query!!”

  1. chrislipjournal Says:

    Very insightful!

    Rob Hanson of the Chrislip Journal

  2. Muzzammil Khan Says:

    A good question and a good thinking . Truly girls should look good . But should try to be good too . Being a good girl is far more important . A bit similar thought about relations between girls and boys 😛


  3. adreamygal Says:

    True !!! I would agree to your 1st 4 points , but not last one ! Yes women do seek security , because from the begginning they are made to be depenednet on soemone of other ..But the scenario is chaning , and the pity is that men sometimes cant handle womens independece ( u said it ryt , I am still THE KING attitude ! ) Well I wont say all , again it might be 33 % ..:)

  4. Christopher Says:

    Nice post. If there’s one thing I would have liked to change in this blog then that would be the statements in Brackets. They make you look confused or afraid of making a strong statement. Dil pe mat le yaar. It’s the virtual world out here.

    • singhnilesh Says:

      You know what you are right…I just did not want few ppl to see it as I am generalizing things….will keep your point in mind the next time I pen down something…thnx

  5. adreamygal Says:

    hehheehhe…well gals do accept truth much faster , if fault lies on them , unlike men , who feels they are right about everything 😉 nothign sorta argumentative , but yeah the points you have mentioned are true ..so no denying that !

  6. Saba Says:

    Hey really very elaborate answer to the query…. Nice n funny n thought provoking…. But it doesn’t apply to 33% gals rather it will be 3-5%(no arguments please…I win:P)…. Happy Writing!!!

    • singhnilesh Says:

      hehe….wo 3 and 5 ke beech me galti se hyphen aa gaya hai…no probs just a type..hota hai :D….btw that was the reply to ur query from my side….up to you to accept\reject…hope u will always be my fav critic…ur comments are essential 🙂

  7. Saba Says:

    Haha… very smart…. Btw the post is good… Surely ill always be ur critic:D

  8. Wink Says:

    Alright, it’s my first time here on your blog and your post really made me smile 🙂 LoL!
    Looks like you’ve been trying to figure out girls. That’s nice 🙂 But see that you don’t get beaten up while trying to figure them out!
    It’s been said, that to keep a woman happy, you should love her a lot and not try to understand her even one bit. Whereas to keep a guy happy, you should understand him totally, and love him a little 😀 LOL! Don’t try to understand us girls cause it’ll be a failure 🙂
    You have a nice blog! Keep it up!

  9. Mandar Kulkarni Says:

    ha ha..nice post!!! Your writing style is very good!

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